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An SEO Strategy That Helped A Global Financial Training Firm Increase Organic Traffic By 64%
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We optimized the website content to target high-converting search terms
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We optimized the site loading speed and improved the site structure to become more user friendly.
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We identified the opportunities through thorough keyword research. We mapped the content with potential keywords to start ranking on SERP.
The challenge:

Osric Digital was given the mandate to improve the SEO ranking for a global financial training firm based in the US. The client was losing a significant portion of business since the top courses and training programs were not ranking in the top 3 positions in SERP. The challenge was to improve ranking on the top competitive keywords.

The solution:

To grow clients’ visibility, we delivered a full SEO strategy. Not only was it essential to drive traffic but also the conversions on the website. it was also important to improve the ranking of the newly launched programs. This wouldn't have been possible without playing around with the content and the website, so we also helped position the right content at the right place with proper mapping.

A Four-Step Growth Journey

- Content Audit & KW Research

We conducted a detailed website audit to see the search terms the website was already ranking for. In parallel, we also audited competitors' content strategies. In this stage, we figured out that a good number of non-branded terms that the client's website was ranking for weren’t relevant to the page, nor were they bringing the conversions.To resolve this, we used keyword research to inform a new keyword map, assigning high-volume relevant keywords to each page of the site. We also worked on conversion rate optimization for the website.

- Technical SEO Audit

In parallel to the content optimization piece, we actioned upon a detailed technical SEO audit to identify the overall performance of the site. Highlighted in our audit were slow site speed, improper use of redirect tags, missing sitemaps, and jarring navigation. As a result, this contributed to poor user experience and lower search rankings, causing other competitors to outrank the client's website for crucial terms.

- Content Creation

After turning the website into a healthy state following our technical fixes, it was time to work on the content fixture.

Using keyword research and insights, we arrived at an optimized copy for all the important landing pages for different programs and courses on the website. We created content targeting terms most likely to be searched by high-converting customers. We also worked on metadata and header tags to increase rankings and drive conversion, as well as building internal links to improve page authority and facilitate the whole user journey.

- Monitoring

Once the whole SEO strategy piece was actioned upon, we then monitored the site’s keyword uplift and continued to optimize further the pages that needed a further boost. At times when Google was having trouble indexing some of the site’s pages, we added more internal linking and content to the site.

Case study featured image
The results:

In the six months since we executed the SEO strategy, the traffic on the client's website grew significantly compared to the previous period:

- Organic sessions increased by 39% (from 530K to 735K);
- New users grew by 54% (from 325K to 490K);
- Revenue increased by 40%;
- The average position for non-branded terms improve by 22%;
- We were also able to boost visibility for key transactional search terms.

After having never ranked before, 10 out of 12 of the category and product pages optimized appeared in the top six search results for their primary term.

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