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How We Leveraged Account-Based Marketing To Increase Deal Size Of A Podcast Service Platform By 250% In 3 Months
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We helped one of the leading podcast-as-a-service solutions to plan and activate their account-based marketing strategy to target specific B2B decision-makers for their business.
The challenge:

One of the mainstream podcast-as-a-service solutions was looking to strengthen the lead flow while maintaining the quality. They were observing poor lead qualification rates from traditional channels like email and display. They wanted to bring high-end clients. The focus companies were US-based B2B firms with strong podcasting requirements for their growth.

The solution:

In order to better understand the audience, our team looked into various data sources and historical performance. On the basis of the insights, we devised a multi-channel account-based marketing approach. We aimed to balance both qualitative and quantitative perspectives throughout this process.

We came up with a strategy focusing on lower-hanging opportunities and the first-party data we already had. We created multiple audience cohorts across different industries and mapped them on different platforms.

We then did A/B testing to see what areas gave better performance. We gradually scaled the campaigns to maintain a balance between numbers and quality.

Here's the approach we followed:

1) The Market:

We determined the right signals about the target audience on the basis of different data sources and historical campaigns. Ensured marketing decisions are influenced by analytics.

2) The Plan:

We deployed micro-experiments across multiple channels, messaging, and acquisition journeys to determine the best solution for goal fulfillment.

3. The Execution:

We deployed rapid experimentation across Google Ads to establish a quality lead generation pipeline.

4: Consistent Optimization:

Implemented various CRO design and copy changes to educate the target audience and increase the overall conversion rate.

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The results:

We take pride in overachieving the targets we were given. Not just we were able to improve the media metrics and overall traffic, but we achieved the highest closure rate ever for the client.

In 3 months, we were able to achieve the following results:

- 250% increase in deal size;
- 136% increase in users;
- 120% increase in leads moved to deals
- 53% increase in overall conversion rateIf you’d like to find out how our services can benefit your business, schedule an appointment to discuss your project.