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How We Spearheaded Growth For A Financial Data Provider – 32% Increase In Conversion Volume
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We optimized the website content to target high-converting search terms
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We optimized the site loading speed and improved the site structure to become more user friendly.
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We identified the opportunities through thorough keyword research. We mapped the content with potential keywords to start ranking on SERP.
The challenge:

As a leading information services provider in a high-value niche, our client provides a wide range of data and insights for clients in the investment management industry.

We were expected to:

- Deliver pipeline from target enterprise accounts via LinkedIn advertising
- Improve clickthrough and conversion rates, which lagged behind LinkedIn ad benchmarks by a significant margin
- Integrate disparate tactical campaigns across global teams into a cohesive strategy
- Clarify messaging to reflect pain points of specific segments, so that customers are motivated to move through the funnel

The solution:

To grow clients’ visibility, we delivered a full funnel growth strategy. Not only was it essential to drive incremental leads but also the increase in revenue. It was improve to consider insights on customer engagement and retention. We then adapted an strategy to focus on relevance.

A Three-Tier Approach

- Refine Targeting

* Regained control over delivery by breaking largest firms with highest impression share into separate audiences.
* Analysis revealed 34% of click volume came from entry-level employees. These audiences had high engagement rates but were unlikely to result in closed-won deals, so we eliminated these roles from our audiences. 
* Analysis revealed wide audience in ARR between customer types. Segmenting by industry and focusing on the most profitable client segments allowed us to make audiences more precise.

- Refine Messaging Based on Client Type

* Moved from thematic content to tailored content based on client personas.
* Built separate campaigns for each industry type, increasing control over budget and creative delivery.
* Increased engagement rate by tailoring copy to audiences segmented by industry.
* Optimized ad copy, creative, and lead gen forms based on industry and job title, increasing conversion rates.

- Shift from Landing Pages to Lead Gen Forms

* Increased conversion rates from 2-3% to 4-7% by shifting to Lead Gen forms, which allow prospects to convert without leaving the LinkedIn platform.
* Hard-coded UTM parameters into Lead Gen forms to avoid losing visibility in client’s marketing automation stack.
* Mapped UTM fields at the contact level into marketing automation and CRM stack, allowing the client to benefit from the higher conversion rates of Lead Gen forms without losing the attribution they were getting from their landing page form handlers.

Case study featured image
The results:

- 32% increase in conversion volume for LinkedIn despite spend declining by 44%;
- More than 2x conversion rate;
- CPA down by 57%;
- Return on ad spend from LinkedIn jumped from 0.7x to 2.1x;

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